Trinity United Methodist Church

 To reach INWARD in spirtual growth and wisdom
To reach OUTWARD in love and service
To reach UPWARD in worship and praise


"Open Hands - Open Hearts"    Trinity Church Welcomes You!

We are blessed to have Ashley Wood as the developer and administrator of the Trinity Facebook.  Ashley has new pictures and our members share with each other almost daily.  Here is the link to our Facebook page.

If you do not have facebook just go to and click on "New Member" then you can add Trinity Church to your friends list. You will be able to post pictures and add comments to the page.

Rev. James F. Kelly III

Sundays:  Worship Services 10:45am Youth 6:30pm
Wednesdays:  1 p.m. Knitting Group
6 p.m. choir practice
  7 p.m. Worship Service 

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